Saturday, September 12, 2015

It Can't Happen If You Don't Show Up

Magnet: If you don't show up it can't happen

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Yep. I know. You’ve heard this before. You’ve heard it before because it’s true. If you don’t show up, it can’t happen.

As my regular readers know, it has been an interesting couple of weeks around here. New car, new car wrecked, air conditioner drama, returning to college drama. Right. That’s all taken care of. What has also happened lately is that I’ve shown up at different activities and appointments and amazing things have happened. First, I want to tell you about how I met my coaching partner and how it’s changed my life.

We met because (1) I’m a tech junky and attend technology Meetups regularly; (2) I talk to people when I attend the meetings (aka networking), and (3) I had created a goals & accountability group for solopreneurs. At our second technology Meetup, I invited three of the folks I had met to join my accountability group, and they did. After our accountability group had met a couple of times, Greg invited me to join his coaches coaching coaches group. 

When you show up, you make room for good things to happen. I met Diana, my new coaching partner, in that coaching group. Here’s why it’s such a big deal for me. I had been struggling with always working alone, and all of the sudden there she was - another quirky bird just like me (but different in really important ways). Someone who works from the same heart space that I do – helping people own their unique brilliance. Now we’re getting ready to launch our podcast, Uniquely Brilliant, in a couple of weeks. Yep. We are women who like to make things happen AND we get to work together on a regular basis. What a gift for me!

This week, somebody pretty much forced me to show up, and I’m glad she did. I had decided that I need a style update so that my outside matches my inside. So, I contacted Karen, a style guru that I know, and made an appointment to meet with her. Then I paid my bills. And freaked. And told Karen that I’d have to scale back on my plan. So I cancelled the appointment – or tried to. Instead of letting me cancel, Karen texted me back that I needed some retail therapy and to leave my wallet at home. So I did. I showed up. And experienced one of the most uplifting and amazing coaching sessions of my entire life.

Because I showed up, I learned a lot about style, about clothes, about making my outside match my inside, and how other people see me. And I also experienced being heard, being held accountable (thank you, Karen), and being supported in an endeavor where I felt baffled. I left feeling empowered to tweak some things so that I get even closer to showing people (not just clients) the full Becky.

So, come on, take a risk. Make a commitment. Show up. At that work meeting, at that networking event, at that dinner, that club meeting, that church group, that class you’ve always wanted to take. Take the first step and show up. Then show up again. And then say “Well, I’ve already shown up twice, I might as well show up again.”

When you show up, you create space where good things can happen. 

Just show up.

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